Ability To Rest

"Right away I started to benefit from my Chiropractic adjustments. I had trouble sleeping and now I’m finally feeling rested when I awake. For the first time, I feel like I’m working on getting healthy. Slow and steady, I know I’m on the path to a stronger and healthier body. Thank You."

- Jean


"When I was 2 years old I had allergies to things inside and outside of my house and many foods. I had to take medicine and use an air cleaner. It was hard to play outside. My parents started to take our family to the chiropractor because my big brother had migraines. After just 6 months of care, I was taken off all of my medications and was able to play outside with my friends because I am healed. I thank God everyday for my healing!"

- Ryan


"Sheba and I came to Flagship Healthcare in Jan ’06. At that time I was on medication for various reasons including allergy shots. I had a synergistic approach to my health so I added Chiropractic care to the mix. In Nov ’06 I got lazy with my shot schedule and went off them completely by Feb ’07. They were actually making me sick. I had a halt in progress for a time. Dr. Jeremiah told me to keep doing what I was doing and to keeping praying, so I did. Bronchitis took me back to the allergy doctor and more testing. A little over 1/2 of my allergies were eliminated with the remaining reduced in severity. NO SHOTS! No more food allergies and best of all… No more allergies to my service dog! Hallel-u-ya Praise to God In Him I will Trust."

- Jodi

Allergies & Asthma

"I have suffered allergies and asthma. I used to have to use an inhaler off and on from October to April. The doctors treated me for bronchitis along with my asthma. After one year of Chiropractic adjustments, I only have to use my inhaler one or two days out of the year. Praise the Lord!"

- Phillip

Allergies, C.O.P.D., and Depression

"When I first started here my allergies were going crazy. My sinuses had a lot of pressure most of the time. Since I've been under care, my allergies are gone! I no longer take Claritin daily. I have C.O.P.D. with a chronic cough all day and night. My cough is almost totally gone. I'm breathing much better too. For the last 25 years I have been on blood pressure medication and my pressure runs 138/90. Since I have been getting adjusted it is now 110/70. Unbelievable!!! I have saved the best for last. I have battled with major depression as long as I can remember and because of the correcting of my neck, the depression is not as extreme and my whole world has changed."

- Lynne

Amazing Healing

"God is my healer. He sent me to Dr. Jeremiah, whom He anointed and gave wisdom and knowledge to bring health and healing to our bodies. I’ve only been under care with Dr. Jeremiah for a short time and I am already feeling healthier. I am walking without a limp, my blood pressure is normal, and my bladder and bowels are working like they should. I am sleeping better now, which I have not done for 6 years since my husband past away. The pain I had in my legs is now gone and my hearing is getting better since the treatments from Dr. Jeremiah. I think he is a God sent."

- Helga

Atrial Fibrillation

"God has brought many blessings and healing into my life through chiropractic. When I first met Dr. Schreiber, I had a medical condition called atrial fibrillation. That simply means my heart went out of rhythm and my pulse rate would go up to 190 beats per minute. This would create a very dangerous possibility for life threatening situations. I had three very severe attacks that landed me in the hospital and had to have medical intervention to bring my heart back into rhythm. Daily my heart would go out of rhythm and then go back to normal. I had believed in God's Word and was standing on His promise for my healing. He is a faithful God and He chose to use Dr. Schreiber's hands to bring it to me. After eight to ten months of treatment I realized that my heart was very "quiet". I was not experiencing the daily out of rhythm episodes. Dr. Schreiber was not aware of my condition and I shared it with him. We discovered that the subluxation he had been correcting was the very place in my spine where the nerve carried the signal to my heart! Glory to God - I have no symptoms today and I am free from the medications, Coumadin and Cardizem. My medical doctor told me on my last visit that I was in perfect health. Also, my left hip was higher than the right and my right leg longer, causing my spine to be curved. This caused me to walk with a limp and my posture to be off. This was caused by a knee injury that did not heal properly. Today everything is properly aligned with no pain and no limp!"

- Charleen

Blood Pressure

"One day in March I received a phone call from a friend. I believe it was God’s doing. In January and February when I went to my family doctor, my blood pressure was around 128/106. This made my Doctor very concerned. I decided to begin care in March at Flagship Healthcare. When I returned to my Doctor in April, my blood pressure was almost normal! I quit taking my blood pressure medication and my blood pressure has been normal since. Thank God for His healing and for Dr. Jeremiah."

- Theresa

Chiropractic vs. Medication

"When I was six I was put on medication for bladder control problems for six years. After about one year of getting adjustments, I am able to wait more than two hours to use the bathroom without medicine! The specialist asked my mom what she was doing for me. My mom told her she was taking me to the Chiropractor. The specialist then said "Yes, that would help." Why didn’t she tell us that instead of giving me medicine?"

- Nathan

Chronic Stomach and Urinary Problems

"When I came to Dr. Jeremiah in October 2007, my spine and health was way off the charts. I had headaches, back pain, chronic Urinary Tract infections (13 in 1 year), and chronic stomach problems that caused nausea/vomiting for 11 years. As of February 2008, I have no headaches or back pain and I haven’t had any urinary tract infections. Also, I haven’t had vomiting since December 2007. I have gotten off ten of my medications! I believe being committed has made the difference. Through Dr. Jeremiah, My faith and God, I have gotten my life back."

- Gloria

Depression, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel

"For years, I have suffered with symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, severe headaches, insomnia, and irritable bowel. To just get through a day, I had to take stimulants, ibuprofen, and many other prescription drugs. It left me hopeless and depressed. But God is faithful and true. After less than one month of chiropractic care, I am completely OFF ALL MEDICATIONS. I am sleeping better, thinking more clearly, and have more energy than I have had in years."

- Anonymous


"I am released from constant dizziness. Even simple tasks were difficult to do. Looking up or down and cleaning the house became harder and harder for me. My energy level went down to nothing and I began to gain weight. I could not lay in my bed without holding my head and I could not turn side to side without the whole room spinning. Since I began chiropractic care, the dizziness is GONE and my energy level is much higher."

- Anonymous

Eye Injury

"I had an eye injury with hemorrhaging. The eye specialist said it was serious and there was a risk of worse problems occurring so I would need to have my eye checked every year. Well, after one year of Chiropractic treatments, I went back to the specialist for a checkup. He couldn’t believe it. There wasn’t any sign of injury in my eye! My eye is healthy! Praise the Lord!"

- Naomi

Fibroid Tumors

"I had uterine fibroid tumors for about twelve years. During that time they had grown and caused my uterus to grow the size of a three month pregnancy. I had a lot of abdominal pressure and felt miserable. My medical doctor's recommendation was that I have a hysterectomy and that frightened me. I had read some women received relief through chiropractic and decided to give it a try. After six months of chiropractic care, I had a sonogram which showed the fibroids are now smaller and so is a cyst on my left ovary. This was WONDERFUL news for which I am so thankful. I am amazed at the miracle God is performing in my body through Chiropractic."

- Vikki

Fibromyalgia and Diabetes

"I recently had my yearly eye examination and was told by my D.O. that my eye sight is only one line off from being perfect. My fibromyalgia has improved greatly along with my sugar levels staying normal; since I am Diabetic this is good news! I have only been seeing Dr. Jeremiah since the beginning of March. My energy level has also increased and I am only taking my stomach medication once a day. That is all I need! In the past I have suffered from breast cancer, and have had four open heart surgeries. I believe God directed me to Dr. Schreiber’s office and I am now starting to live a normal life once again through chiropractic. I am stronger, happier, and more alive that I ever have been!"

- Donna

Focus and Energy

"I am eleven years old. My mom started bringing me to Dr. Schreiber just one month ago. I can focus a lot more than I ever could. I also have more energy and can breathe better."

- Noah

Gained Overall Strength

"I have been under chiropractic care for over 2 years. Recently I fell on the ice hitting my shoulders, neck and head on the pavement. I know it could have been much worse if I hadn’t been under care. Also, Dr. Jeremiah has prayed for me about several health issues. I know along with his care and God’s love I will find total healing. Praise God! Thank you Dr. Jeremiah and staff."

- Larry

Herniated Disc Healed

"Meeting Dr. Jeremiah has been a blessing. I have been under care for 3 years. In that time period I have seen my life change in many ways. My herniated disc has been healed. My body movement overall has greatly improved with no bothersome sciatic nerve pinching, better digestion with regularity and I have had only one cold in over 1 1/2 years. I am feeling healthy and energetic. Thank you Dr. Jeremiah and staff!"

- Judy

Improved Pregnancy Experience

"I began Chiropractic care when I was 4 months pregnant with my third child. As I received regular adjustments, I had a healthy and relatively comfortable pregnancy. When the time came for my son Noah's birth it was the easiest one yet!! I was able to have a natural and short delivery without any pain medication."

- Sarah

Lower Back Pain & Family Health

"I first came to Dr. Jeremiah over three years ago with lower back pain and then found out my neck was almost straight. Since I have been getting adjusted and doing traction, my health is great. I have never been healthier! I am thankful God has put healing in our bodies through our spines to allow oxygen and power to flow to every part of our body. WOW! Our God is an awesome God!"

- Heidi

Lower Cholesterol

"For several years I have had high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Recently I had blood work done and my cholesterol levels are very good. As a result, I am now off my cholesterol medication. Also, the diabetes levels are coming down and I am hoping to be off that medication soon. I am sure that my adjustments have started the healing process."

- Donna

Migraines and Allergies

"Three months ago, when I first came to Flagship Healthcare, I was experiencing severe migraine headaches. I also had pain from my cervical spine, all the way down my back and legs. I was depressed and felt hopeless and had no relief day or night from pain. I was taking allergy shots weekly along with daily allergy medication. Praise God! I am now free of migraines and I no longer take any allergy shots or medications. I have just come through a season with a high pollen count with very few symptoms."

- Kathleen

Migraines and Back Pain

"When I started coming to Flagship Healthcare, I was getting migraines all of the time and had a lot of lower back pain. I just figured it was a fact of life I had to deal with. I started coming with my husband after I saw a definite improvement in his well being. Since I have started getting adjusted, I have not gotten any migraines and my lower back pain is just about gone. I thank God everyday for Dr. J and Flagship Healthcare. I am able to work and still have enough energy for rest of my life with my family. Thank You!"

- Lori

Neck & Back Pain

"I suffer from a bone fusing disorder called Akylosing Spondylitis. It can be excruciating at times. I feel there is a mutual partnership of working together to maintain & improve my overall health. I am happy and confident in my care. I love Flagship Healthcare. I felt the presence and glory of the Lord the moment I entered the office. I knew without a question the Lord placed me directly in the path of Dr. Schreiber and everyone who works there."

- Debi

Neck & Back Pain

"My neck was sore and painful all of the time, 24 / 7! It was getting worse and worse. The pain began going down into my left shoulder, the result of a car accident in my 20’s which gave way to arthritis and pain in my early 50”s. Until one day I came into Flagship Healthcare with my sister. Dr. Jeremiah came right out to me as if he were an angel. With x-rays and my first adjustment, healing began. The difference is Day and Night! No more pain! I am healthier now than when I was younger. A healthier spine means a healthier and happier life. My neck, my back, and my attitude are aligned and energized to serve in a much productive life style. I praise God for finding this place! P.S. Best staff ever!!"

- Jorja

Numbness & Pain

"For the past 2 yrs. I have suffered with numbness in my left leg and pain in my left toe. Last year I had surgery on my lower back to hopefully relieve or eliminate the pressure on the nerves in this area. The surgery was not successful and I still suffered with nerve damage from the herniated disks. A friend at work and a patient at Flagship Healthcare suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Jeremiah. Within 3 months I have regained feeling in my leg and the pain in my toe is almost unnoticeable. Also I am now only taking 1/2 of my Bp medication! I can only thank God for working through my friend to send me to Dr. Jeremiah, who with his hands, has begun to heal my body through faith in God."

- Steven

Overall Health

"My mom has been bringing our family to the Chiropractor for over three years. I can’t remember the last time that we had to go to the "family doctor" because of sickness. All five of us are healthy and very active!"

- Melanie

Overall Health

"Recently I moved to Erie PA to attend college and was referred to Dr. Schreiber from my Chiropractor back home. After only a couple of months, I have had great results that I did not receive from my previous Chiropractor. Now my spine is back in line and I no longer have back pain. I used to have trouble paying attention in class and was terrible at test taking. I am now passing my classes with flying colors. I no longer have bad mood swings and overall I feel great! Dr. Schreiber is a blessing!"

- Becky

Overall Health

"After only eight visits I feel so much better. Each adjustment brings relief. My neck doesn’t cramp – Praises! My right shoulder is stronger. I can carry things with no pain. I am sleeping better! I can tell that things are changing in how I walk and move. I am so grateful that my new friend Joyce asked me to one of the dinners. I knew that God brought us together for many reasons: friendship, prayer and laughter. Now I know I was also led to the River of Life through Chiropractic. Praises to our God!!"

- Stacy

Overall Health

"My name is Barbara and I am 64 years old. Before coming to Flagship Healthcare, I was having problems with my feet and legs going numb when I sat for more than five or ten minutes at a time. When I would go outside in the bright sun, I would see sparkles and shiny silver spots and lines in my eyes. I had been getting bad headaches and my neck hurt me almost everyday. I have also noticed my ring finger does not stick anymore and bends all the way with out pain! They told me I would have to have an operation. My large toe was doing the same thing and is now better, too! After just a couple of adjustments with Dr. Jeremiah, I am feeling much better!"

- Barbara

Overall Health

"Before I started chiropractic care I would get sinus and ear infections every spring and fall. I would end up having to take antibiotics because they would become so severe. I started receiving care last fall and this year I have been in great health and have not been sick once. I definitely relate this to chiropractic care because I have never had a time where I have gone through winter or spring without an ear or sinus infection. As a matter of fact, everyone in my office came down with the flu this winter except me! This is another sign that chiropractic helps your body to heal itself and has been a blessing in my life. I thank God for leading me to this. I hope this message can help other people see how important it is to keep your spine in proper alignment so that you can enjoy optimal health. Thank you Dr. Schreiber and staff for making this possible."

- Amy

Overall Health

"Since starting Chiropractic adjustments with Flagship Healthcare I have noticed a vast improvement in my overall well-being. To name a few things: better range of motion in my head and neck, greater ease of movement in all areas, less pain and discomfort, and the numbness, tingling sensation and nerve damage seem to be subsiding in my left leg. It’s kind of like getting a new lease on life. I can’t thank Dr. Jeremiah Schreiber and his great staff enough."

- Ron

Overall Health

"After years of low back pain that was getting worse, where it would take about an hour to get moving in the morning most days, I was praying about what to do. I have had steroid shots for pain, a number of strong pain pills, and a doctor said to have surgery. My son told me about Flagship Healthcare and how they helped my grandchildren. I decided to come and asked the Lord to show me if Doctor Jeremiah would be able to help me. I have been coming about two months and my low back pain is improving a lot. My blood pressure and diabetes are improving. I had my daughter and newborn granddaughter come with me. My 5 month old has improved in her neck movement (she could not turn her head both ways – now she can) and she is not getting sick with her acid reflux like she was before. My 16 year old granddaughter is also coming and it appears to help her as she feels much better. My wife is now coming and they help her with her neck pain. She has gone to other doctors and had not seen this much improvement. It is great to go to a doctor’s office that is certainly following God and watch and benefit from what God does through them."

- Les P.

Panic Attacks and Anxiety

"Since I have started going to Dr. Schreiber, I can say that my health has changed 100% in the right direction. Before starting chiropractic, I suffered from panic attacks that were the worst of its kind and it was horrible. Anxiety took things away from my life, (such as going places and being with people). I also play hockey. I have been bashed up pretty bad and developed subluxation from the injuries through life. Since starting chiropractic care, I am off Paxil which I took for my panic attacks and anxiety. I used to have frequent colds and I have not had one for quite awhile. Overall, I feel so much better and I want to thank Dr. Schreiber and God for the opportunity to have chiropractic care."

- Mike

Physical and Mental Strength

"Through Chiropractic I have seen an increase in my body’s ability to simply rest, whether in the area of actual sleep or in the ability of my body to not be overwhelmed by stress and fatigue. I am able to exercise and participate in activities that I have enjoyed in a fuller manner, which brings rest and relief to my heart and soul. When linked together with wisdom and discernment in life choices, Chiropractic sharpens the focus of the lens through which I see the world. That allows me to engage the world in a clearer and more present manner."

- Sara

Pregnancy, Headaches, and Eyesight

"I began Chiropractic care with Dr. Jeremiah when I was 8 months pregnant. During the last 2 months of pregnancy I felt more comfortable than I did with my first two. After delivering, I was able to return to my pre-pregnancy self rather quickly. Before Chiropractic, I experienced frequent headaches and now I have them rarely. Even my eyesight has improved! My family also receives regular adjustments and my children are happier and healthier. We have met so many wonderful people in the office, including the staff and other patients. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways since we have been attending Flagship Healthcare!"

- Janet

Restless Leg Syndrome

"I used to have a very irritating tickling and tingling sensations just above the knees in both of my legs. This feeling would start when I would lie down to sleep causing me a lot of discomfort. It would force me to wake up and I would not be able to sleep. After 8 months of Chiropractic care, which included traction therapy with Dr. Schreiber, I am feeling much better without any problems in my legs. I haven’t had to have any other kind of treatment."

- Randy

Spinal Stenosis

"I have been a patient for only 6 weeks. I am measuring my recovery on a scale of 0% to 100%. When I started getting adjusted I felt like I was at 0%. Now I feel I am at 75% better and so quickly! I believe in giving credit where credit is due!"

- Josie

Weak Bladder

"My son is ten and suffered from incontinence. He has been on medication for 6 years. After a few months of chiropractic care he is off his medication and doing great."

- Heidi


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